Street artists subvertise Facebook bus stop ads in London

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Truth in advertising.


Maybe a super bright UV light (with eye protection!) could fade the additions to blend them in better?



This! A thousand times this! Who ever knew Voltaire was this smart. He’s even smarter than trump.

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yes, yes preach it [eyeroll]. “facebook is not our friend.” “facebook misuses your data.” “joining the campaign to deactivate twitter.” so when will boingboing quit just banging this drum and remove the share and tweet links from this site? when will they take an actual stand and disassociate themselves from the these platforms instead of continually feeding them?


He also was a better businessman.

Clearly you should join the Facebook group called “Facebook is not our friend.” Also, tweet about quitting Twitter. Actually, you should livetweet it!

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excellent advice! had i ever possessed an account on either platform, perhaps i would take it.

I get confused by all the claims made in commercials.

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But how can you be politically active with either? Impossible! Witchcraft! Sorcery!

(In case there was a miscommunication, I was mocking the services, not you)

i also manage to have Friends as opposed to “friends” and no contact with anybody from grade school!

(totally got that, we’re cool)


Omg that’s amazing.

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