Striking auto workers want the same raise execs got: 40%

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They should also be insisting that the proportion of in-store::off-shore jobs should stay the same and that off-shoring union jobs also requires off-shoring executives.


I’m not sure that would deter them. The current executives would just move offshore. Probably to some tax haven island nation.


That’s exactly what tax haven island nations are for.


When UAW wins, I hope that people will take note of what unions can do for workers. A revival of unions is just what this gilded age needs.


Even some tech workers are finally getting the message. There’s been 40 years of anti-union propaganda to get past, but one has to be completely oblivious not to notice the inequality and abuse that results from management having no counterbalance.


Hey, that 40% has to come from somewhere.



I’m assuming the most likely outcome if they’re successful is that the workers willget (almost) nothing, executives will get smaller raises moving forward and maybe a near term pay cut, and executive tenures will get shorter to create more opportunities to renegotiate base pay for a new role.

Assuming this graph is accurate and not massaged statistics (lies, damn lies, and statistics, etc), that is a pretty damn good case for their demands.

I find it frustrating that conservatives want to roll back to the good times in the 50s where a man could work, and the wife stay at home with 4 kids, but then fight tooth and nail any effort to balance out wealth inequality that would even start to even things out.

Not being able to afford the product they build is pretty messed up.

(Note, not defending the naive, romanticized nuclear family of the 50s, just that with current economic forces, that life style if so desired is not possible for the majority of people.)


Depending on the logistics, I could get behind that.

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