Student ejected from ceremony for graduating while black

And this happens to white students as a matter of course or did you just ignore all the remarks about how law enforcement is called, overwhelmingly, on black males, especially young ones and students, when it isn’t called on whites. I mean, it is just statistics so you’ll say there were all these other reasons why cops were called disproportionately on black students, right?

There was no way that this “disruptive” student (because wearing a heritage based cloth is “disruptive”) could have been dealt with without the police involved? You are just convinced that racism and perception of black folks has no bearing on the police involvement. Uh huh.


I will, if you will acknowledge that the police could have also been called to a white student acting up

No. I will agree that they MAY NOT have been called, but I will not say that they WOULD NOT have been called.

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So your position is that it’s just a normal thing for a kid deliberately engaging in a minor violation of a dress code rule to be escorted from their graduation by three armed sheriffs, and a white kid would have had an identical experience? You do honestly believe that’s just the normal way everyone is treated in our color-blind world? Why did the administration apologize? Why can’t anyone offer an example of a white kid seeing the same treatment when asked?


Could but you won’t find an example of it, like the Marine kid who was denied attending a graduation ceremony in his dress blues.


He’s color blind so he lives in a world without race and can’t see it! There is no racial explanation for this and it is just downright weird that cops get called on black students disproportionately over white students in similar circumstances. No racism here.


Also, you should know that there is a long history, which continues to right this second, of racism within law enforcement,. This is not really conjecture of our part. it’s a pretty well-established historical and current fact of life in the US. See for example on the role of race in the modern prison system, which you can read about in this book:

So, while the individual who called the police on an 18 year old for wearing cloth to a graduation ceremony might not have had a racist motive in his/her actions or imagined their actions in such a way, there is a very long history of police being used to “control” the social behavior of black Americans. Black Americans, especially young black men (and especially those of working class status), are treated far harsher for far less in the American criminal justice system. Again, these are not flights of fancy, these are pretty well established facts of life here in America.


Just because this kind of thing happens to African-Americans kids all the time but not white kids to the point that there’s a cottage industry of academics doing studies to illustrate the way African-Americans see more extreme responses to minor rule infractions doesn’t mean another instance of the same type of event isn’t a special unique thing that must be seen without any prior assumptions or information about the way the world is.


So, no, we can’t prove it was racism but given the cultural and political climate of America towards black Americans, especially male youths, the good Captain might want to acknowledge that racism is a likely factor (but he won’t).


No. My position is that a student repeatedly refusing to obey instructions, refusing to obey the school security (or “rent-a-cop” as he put it in his tweets) and then pushing ahead and doing what he has been told not to do several times leaves the administration there on the day with little option as to what to do other than call the police. That the police were armed is, largely here nor there, the “rent-a-cops” were probably armed too. Heck the student could have been armed. That’s America.

It could have been racially motivated, sure, but it could just have been a perfect storm of an asshoole administrator, a belidgerant student and three cops in the car that day instead of two.

I have never once said it absolutely wasn’t racism, but several people throughout this thread seem to have implied that it 100% couldn’t be anything but.


I’m onboard with the fact that we don’t know whether we’re looking at race playing into the school’s response and I’ve never suggested that, only that it appears far more likely. At the same time this is in the class of disproportionate treatment we do see regularly happening to black kids but not white kids.

Weasel wording to make a non-physical confrontation physical.

My question is whether the police would have ever entered the minds of the admin. were the kid not black, and given the reams of data we have about disproportionate responses to black kids vs. white kids, there’s a lot to suggest it. The kid was engaging in an utterly trivial rule violation. That the admin. decided this was something to persecute, and persecute with such a completely disproportionate response to the infraction points to a certain mindset.

Jesus Fuck. We’re done. Bye.


IOW, GTFO, dude.

You just keep trying every way until Sunday to deny that racism was a likely factor here.

Why oh WHY do so many white folks do that? Nvrmnd, I know why. They’ re blind to racism, plain and simple. And their ears are covered up too, when other people try to point out how racism so often still exists.

Ugh, so tiresome though art. And yet, so sadly, infuriatingly typical.


You are apparently extrapolating someone else’s mind for them based on a limited and snarky response. You are stating that they must believe that thing YOU IMAGINED ON YOUR OWN, and seeming to castigate them for THEIR IMAGINATIONS, when it appears to be your own reaction and not their words. You’ve made an accusation of nuance-free thinking on someone elses behalf with that.

That you did so just after warning someone else about their projection, thusly:

is just awesomely funny to me, but not a good sign of a promising conversation.

You don’t have the right to understand or to be understood.

People get those confused all the time, and that’s called privilege, usually.

If someone seems to be implying something was 100% but didn’t use the words like ‘only, all, never, none’ but you read them that way… the onus is on you to read what was written, and not read into it what you CAN disagree with.

Several people have suggested that this was racist. Very few people are as concerned with if it is 100% or 95% or just 60% racism, as you appear to be.

I’ve drawn my conclusions about your intent here. It’s not 100% anything, because people who think and speak in absolutes are absolutely something else.


At graduation?

Because he’s black and a thug? Is that your insinuation?


No, LITERALLY because guns are a thing that people carry in America.


At high schools? All the time?

You’ve already admitted you don’t live here and don’t understand American culture so I’d suggest you stick to things you actually know something about.


Oh no, OF COURSE not, that would be racist. Any white student “acting up” this way could also be armed.

ETA as I’m typing: Ha, C. Pedge beat me to it. Predictable as snow in January.



The only way to stop a bad person who might have a gun is to call three people who definitely do?

Fear is the mind killer, it really is.


No, no, no, all the students should have concealed carry (and the teachers) so they can be ready for someone wearing a kente cloth at graduation.