Studies suggest dyslexia could be caused by having less brain plasticity

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Studies suggest dyslexia could be caused by correlated with having less brain plasticity



Hmmm. I can agree with some of that, based on my personal fight with dyslexia. Joy.


Once people learn it as children, if they don’t have any issues with the reading process, they don’t get that it’s a process, one that zips through the brain at an unbelievably fast rate. These are the areas of the brain involved in the reading process, and what they’re doing (info from here:
“A number of brain regions are involved in reading and comprehension. Among them are the temporal lobe, which is responsible for phonological awareness and for decoding and discriminating sounds; Broca’s area in the frontal lobe, which governs speech production and language comprehension; and the angular and supramarginal gyrus, which link different parts of the brain so that letter shapes can be put together to form words.
In addition, there are several important white-matter pathways involved in reading, says Gaab. White matter is a collection of nerve fibers in the brain—so called for the white color of myelin, the fatty substance that insulates the fibers—that help the brain learn and function.”


Yeah. The musical notes would have killed me.
Words though? No problem. Faces…probably average.

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Except weirdly, and after a slow start, I can read really quickly. It interesting that the other two canonical problems that us dyslexics have, spelling and handwriting, aren’t mentioned. (Fortunately, using a computer sidesteps both of those issues).


it may even be possible to develop drugs that would treat dyslexia

They can get tae fuck. I’m happy the way I am thanks.


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