Stunning motion-captured dance animation


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BB time portal has opened again.


we’ve seen this before or something quite similar here… but not recently and it is worth a repeat.

ETA it was almost a year ago.


Somehow i missed this the first time, but the mocap is definitely pretty cool. Though even without the CG the editing, music and dancing makes it a pretty compelling compilation of dancers and dance moves. The CG just brings it over the top and makes it great :slight_smile: I’m not great at dancing but i get a lot of enjoyment watching pros have a go at it.


well isn’t like the usual within 2 days so understandable… and I did say it was worth it.


Ha! I thought I’d seen this before!

Every time I see these types of demo reels turn up on the inter-webs I know it’s summer and SIGGRAPH is just around the corner.


My God this nightmarish!



Music by Major Lazer, track is called “Light it up.” They do nice euro-danceish music, with only a hint of exploitation:


IMHO, Major Lazer, while certainly a bit corporately produced, is superior to the vast vast majority of Europop.


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