Stunning photos along road between Tokyo and Kyoto




Nice set of photos.


Welp, now I want to go on a walking tour between Tokyo and Kyoto… That’s some beautiful photos.


Take two tours: one on this northern road (Nakasendo) and another on the southern road (Tokaido). Compare and contrast, as the southern road is now the most populated corridor in all of Japan.


Lovely and fascinating, but those guys sure ripped off Seven Samurai. Except for the color part. They obviously added that.


Looks like stepping into a Miyazaki film.


Beautiful. If you like this, I recommend a board game called Tokaido. It simulates a journey along the eponymous road, and the object is to have the best journey by accumulating encounters, souvenirs, panoramic views, and meals.


At some point I need to get ahold of a DSLR and shoot my wife’s hometown.


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