Stunning photos along road between Tokyo and Kyoto



Nice set of photos.

Welp, now I want to go on a walking tour between Tokyo and Kyoto… That’s some beautiful photos.

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Take two tours: one on this northern road (Nakasendo) and another on the southern road (Tokaido). Compare and contrast, as the southern road is now the most populated corridor in all of Japan.

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Lovely and fascinating, but those guys sure ripped off Seven Samurai. Except for the color part. They obviously added that.

Looks like stepping into a Miyazaki film.

Beautiful. If you like this, I recommend a board game called Tokaido. It simulates a journey along the eponymous road, and the object is to have the best journey by accumulating encounters, souvenirs, panoramic views, and meals.

At some point I need to get ahold of a DSLR and shoot my wife’s hometown.

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