Tokaido - a game about traveling the eastern sea road from Kyoto to Edo


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If anyone is curious about what gameplay looks like they played this game on Tabletop.


It’s Samurai Champloo!


It’s a nice fun game! Something about the awesome careful artwork, beautiful and minimalist, just screams that it would make a really great makeover with a gaudy Americana Route 66 skin.


Let me know when they come out with Sharktokaido. That I might play.


Loansharktokaido, where you can borrow money from Yakuza?



(where you can borrow money from Yakuza while dodging predators falling from the sky?)


Beautiful as the game is, most of the decisions during play are pretty obvious. I enjoy it anyway.

I also want to make a plug for buying at your friendly local game store, if you’re fortunate enough to have one. Amazon might save me a few bucks, but they won’t demo a game for me, and they don’t tables and chairs for my friends and me.


I almost got in on a big game of this the other day, but everyone panicked when someone mentioned how long a 10-player game would likely take, especially since no one knew the rules. Maybe next time.


I like a lot Wink, but just adding “buy that to your local library/game store” at the end of their articles would be nice.


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