Takenoko board game – take care of a bamboo garden to keep a panda alive

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I played it once. Pretty fun. Nice art. I won.

That’s all I got.

Pandas don’t come from Japan


A bit late to the party guys? Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Takenoko SE2E14

[quote=“depthcharge13, post:4, topic:63849, full:true”]
A bit late to the party guys? [Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop Takenoko SE2E14][1]
[1]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv4n-e-hb_o
[/quote]Because once someone’s reviewed it, nobody else ever should?

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I like it, mainly for the art. It seems a little shallow, but I’m willing to play a dozen more times before I make a real judgement.

Maybe not the ones you know.

I’ve played this a couple of times. The first time, we read the rules wrong and were cheating … and thinking “Wow, this game seems really easy”. Even played correctly it isn’t the most challenging game in the world, but it’s fun.

In the story of the game the panda is a white elephant gift from the emperor of China.

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This, Tokaido, and Lords of Waterdeep are in heavy rotation here.

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