Making Go and Shogi Boards in Japan

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Meditation in 2023 is watching a guy freehanding a 32 inch chainsaw in his sweatpants :grinning:


I wouldn’t call Go a Japanese game, and there is some debate about whether Shogi is a variant of other similar games.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how easy and satisfying would it be to flip one of these tables in a fit of rage?

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Yes, Brain fart. Deleted.

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I am going to treat myself to a really nice go board when I make 1 dan. Any day / year now.

It was difficult to relax watching that man move scraps away from the running bandsaw blade with his unprotected fingers.


This is a timely video. I just today received a vintage floor-sitting goban that shipped from Japan, bought on Ebay. Unfortunately it was significantly damaged in transit by Fedex, as were a bunch of the genuine clam go stones. It’s like they went out of their way to damage it. Dunno how the return is going to work out.

It’s heartbreaking that such a beautiful handmade object can be so casually destroyed by carelessness.


“Unprotected” fingers are safer than gloves around moving machinery. Gloves get caught and pull your hands in. A push stick is safest for clearing debris, but remember that camera angles are deceiving. His fingers may not have been as close to the blade as it appears.


With an awfully loose chain. But the skill of that is incredible.

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