Woodworking machines and other nice things


A place to show your woodworking machines and tools.
But maybe also what you made with it.
And other nice things.


Let’s start. I do have a ‘Kity’:

Or cleaner, not mine:

A bandsaw, will make, when interested a pic later.
And offcource more tools, but this is not my show-off topic.


Someone has to provide all the timber for woodworking - like this semiautomated harvester. As soon as Skynet is online forest walks will be much more … interesting.


Is this preemptively in the “wrath” category for the inevitable discussion of sharpening bits?


Good one… Apart from that, should it be in ‘games’ or other?


Craft I think. You should be able to move it without making a new thread. :slight_smile: Option is in the Title edit function.


going back a few hundred years - I was fascinated by this reconstruction of a wainwright’s workshop* with a craftsman building an actual and working wheel. totally without the help of computerized tool**

* in a fascinating open-air museum with some 20 houses/workshops spanning centuries of village life
** in regard to handicraft I have two left hands. at least.


Wonderful, thanks! Very good explanation also.


Sanding knife.


Great, never seen before. What’s the usage?

Edit: oh OK. Is it about sharpening?


Wanted to sand something I couldn’t get the dremmel in.


You won’t see that normally its a table knife with sand paper attached with double sided tape.


Maybe a topic about self-made tools, just to get the job at hand done, is a better idea.
Love your solution. (Did see the table knive, but assumed you used some other glue).

Homemade kludges and other bodged up tools

For a real dose of vitriol check out a thread about chisel bevel angles.


Are they not all 45° then?


Oh, you’re evil.


@falcor Please close this thread. I’m sorry to bother you. I hoped this thread would die a usually slow dead.