Let’s Catch the Lion: young version of the ancient Japanese game shogi


I’d never played it before, but here’s a pretty simply version you can play online: http://www.gamedesign.jp/flash/shogi/shogi_e.html

I assume that you can change the level – I beat the computer the first try, but I expect I was playing on baby mode.

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Shogi is one of those games that makes me feel supremely stupid, mostly because of this rule: “On any turn, instead of moving a piece on the board, a player may select a piece in hand and place it—unpromoted side up and facing the opposing side—on any empty square. The piece is then one of that player’s active pieces on the board and can be moved accordingly.”

Not only must you consider all your opponents moves, but all possible moves that your opponent can make from all open points with all your previously captured pieces.

Head explodes

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Indeed. I had read that, thought it was odd, and then a little ways into playing my first game I thought “wait, so I can just place this captured general directly next to his king?” and I did than and won.

I think that would be pretty crazy playing against a smarter computer or a human.

It’s definitely a weird rule, though, from the point of view of strategy games. How did the piece appear all the way over there, across enemy lines? I would have naively expected at the very most that a captured piece could come back onto the board from your end only.

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

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3 x 4? That’s like fighting WWII in a phone booth!

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