Sushi Go - know which sushi to keep and which to hand off with this cute fast-moving card game

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The retail box is pretty different looking than the one from Kickstarter. It is a pretty fun game, even for people who are really into more complex games.

I played a game of this on Tabletop Day. Fast and fun. Not sure if I’d make it the point of a game evening, but a good warm-up or wind-down.

Filler games are great for the round or two they last. It’s a good intro to something bigger like Seasons or 7 Wonders.

Not to be “that person” but I think you are entangling maki rolls and pudding in your summary. Maki rolls have a similar effect to pudding, however, maki rolls get scored every round like the other cards. Pudding accumulates through all three rounds, scoring at the end of the game.

And never hit on a fucking 12.

Are the rules really that hard?


::head asplodes::

Not only have I been playing it wrong, I’ve been committing the sin of teaching it wrong.

I will definitely play it tomorrow in a feeble attempt to set right what has gone wrong.

seriously, look at the qty options pricing…just look at it.

hmmm…do i want 1 for $10.99 or 2 for $79.95 or 3 for $118.55 or…so hard to choose.

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You’re not the only one. I saw this happening on Amazon the other day with button cells, of all things.

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