Subreddit knows what's up with cars

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For a deeper dive into these topics, check out these two books on capitalism, automobiles, inequality, and urban planning.

And, of course, the original rejoinder to post-war, car-centric urban design.

A lot of Americans currently do live in pedestrian- and bike-friendly “15-minute cities”, but capitalism being what it is, buying or renting in an urban core neighbourhood with decent amenities and services is a very expensive proposition.


I was just priced out of one, an apartment that was my home of 14 years. the Atlanta beltline is dope, but it is also the direct cause of the rents in Inman Park doubling.

I’ve been offering my perspective on this car problem here on the bbs for some years now, but my posts have not been met with much enthusiasm.


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As a denizen of OTP, I would love if inside the beltline were essentially car-free (with some exceptions) and had street cars and dedicated bike lanes/ walking paths everywhere. I’d also love lots and lots of actual affordable housing rather than endless cookie cutter mcmansions going up around the craftsmans and bungalos and victorians. Inman and candler are such gorgeous neighborhoods, and it’s a shame that people who have been living in that area for decades are now being priced out.

Sadly, I don’t think the Mayor and city council are really going to do much about gentrification, as much as they talk to the contrary. It’s really depressing.




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