Suggestions for improving Twitter



Twitter has morphed into the Witless Projection Program.


One more suggestion for Twitter - take the ads out of the main feed. They are annoying. Run a sidebar marquee.


Figure out a way to make money off of third-party clients and bring them back. UX is not Twitter’s forte, and there are dozens of gorgeous clients that withered and died when Twitter turned off the access token faucet.


The Presidential salary is set by statute. He can’t refuse to take it. He can give it all away or tear up the paychecks into confetti but he’d still be liable for the income tax. I believe his tax returns while in office are public records, too.


I use a client and NEVER use their website. Presto: no one fucks with my timeline!


for casual users, maybe it’s not, but i find it definitely wonderful.


Well, I use a client too, but if I didn’t have to scan through tweets from non-client-using people mentioning the timeline is screwed up again, that would be even better.


In the past month or so, I’ve had at least one “sponsored post” in my feed every day from alt-right sources – things like “if you’re tired of Obama destroying the country and want to end the scourge of Obamacare, click here!”. Or sponsored posts that are paid re-posts of fake news from Breitbart. So they’re more than just annoying of late.

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