Twitter is slow-rolling out a simpler web interface, some users get it first

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IIRC, FB did the same thing with their ‘Timeline.’

Both platforms are toxic and overrated.


Something tells me the nazis will still be there though.


Good to see them tackling the Big Problems.


Great. Just what the world needs. More fucking Twitter.


I got it a few days ago. The suckiest thing about the update is the removal of saved searches :tired_face:


Got it, tried it, didn’t like it. But it’s good to know Twitter is focusing on what users are asking for (stopping trolls and nazis; editing tweets; pretty much a ton of useful stuff that are not included in this update).

Yes, it’s very mobile-like. But I fucking HATE the Twitter mobile version, so ah… no thanks. And I don’t care about “trending” because fuck some algorithm telling me what I’m interested in, so you can take that “improvement” and shove it up your tweet hole.

Last weeks “upgrade” to curated facebook style feed was bad enough, even thou you can switch back to “latest” its still not in chrno order as its all out of order!

So sick of twitter and facebook making their products worse by making it harder to find what you want so you spend more time on site.

I often see things on facebook, and then want to go back to them, but no mater how far i scroll i never see the same posts again, yet see the same crappy post again and again…

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But you get an ad (err. promoted tweet) at the top every time you open the timeline! Isn’t that great? I have opted out of it fairly quickly again because of this …


This is going to upset the Commander-in-Chief. “Twitter look wrong! Why Twitter look wrong! You fired! Fix my Twitter! You there, you fired too! Where my cheeseburgers!”

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This is basically the Windows 10 app as a webpage which was basically a webpage already.

I like Facebook’s simple interface. Removing the Try Again button would be perfect:

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just use

it’s the “lite” intererface and has been there for years

The new interface fixes several messy UI issues and is nicely cleaned up, but I deeply wish I could turn off its suggestion box of “who to follow” with random accounts listed there. No thank you, I’m good.

The new interface sucks ass. I hate Twitter as much as the next person, but I do use it for new aggregation and they’re committed to making their shitty platform even worse.

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