Twitter redesign boasts slightly smaller font for follower count

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[sarcasm on]
Brilliant! Surely the world will be a much better place with this kind of innovation. Bravo!
[sarcasm off]


This is an outrage! I’ll never use the platform again.

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This is why you shouldn’t pay by word count



The orange shit-gibbon will be outraged. Good.

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I have redesigned this post to deemphasize my skepticism that this will change anything.


What passes for meaningful change at Twitter, I guess. Expect to see them deal with trolls and Nazis in a similarly “radical” way…


I always thought there ought to be a staged soft-banning feature is to not let them see how many likes or retweets they get per post. Cut out the skinner box light.

…or just apply to all high-follower accounts: tuck the count away into a separate (slow loading) analytics page (only accessible from a desktop browser), so you’ll have to hunt for it if you have to, but you get no immediate feedback just for posting.

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All of Twitter’s problems have finally been solved! Good job, fam.

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