Sundance Vacations sends forged court order to remove criticism





Does it make me a bad person to admit that I’m making some popcorn, pouring a beverage, and pulling up a seat to watch the show?

Because, yeah, I’m totally doing that. This is going to be good!


This calls for total dissolution of the company, as well as imprisonment of the board of directors and anyone else involved, for taking a huge dump in the court’s mouth.

Nothing less.



I do not know if Sundance Vacations is involved, but robo-calls telling people they have won a free cruise on Caribbean Cruise Line continue to go on unabated. I wrote a couple of blog posts about it in my employer’s blog a couple of years ago:

and I’m still getting comments on the latter on a weekly basis.


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I don’t think that’s true, but a massive fine and some time for the one who actually forged the signature are in order. Sadly, they can probably afford to call Saul.


Perhaps “Sundance Vacations” should consider relocating their operation to Bolivia.


Interesting articles. We don’t get robocalls at work, but we do get 3 or 4 faxes each week promising free or deeply discounted vacations, etc.

Now I’m curious about the companies behind the faxes.


I got to thinking about this story last night. It’s a great example, I think, of why organizations should have robust ethics programs. I wrote about it here:

Ethics Are Important Because People Are Dumb


Sundance Vacations is long past ‘ethics’. I just wonder how somebody managed to pull this stunt without team legal flipping out and stabbing them to death with a letter opener.

There are many tactics that are scummy but legal, there are many others that are probably illegal but have a favorable risk/reward profile. Forged court order, though? Do something illegal and all but spit in a judge’s face at the same time?


Sundance Vacations is a corporation. Corporations are people. Sundance Vacations was just exercising its right to free speech. Nothing more, nothing less. I wish you would all just leave it alone.


Thank you Alex. I’m going to say, “What is Sarcasm?”



Well, this is a more measured response that I expected. But it does not seem supported by the images Matt provided in his story.

[Oops- I’m too new. Can’t upload a screen grab. On their Facebook page, they responded to my comment with: “Todd - We saw that post as well. Our company did not make this request and we are looking into it. Candy’s request from 2013 was connected to court documents from a case that our company won that are available publicly on the internet. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.”]


Only if Popehat gets involved. After the Weimaraner comment and “snort my taint,” I have come to expect only the best from them.


We get only a few telemarketing calls at my office – but I enjoy answering them if only to hear the stuttering and stammering on the other end after I chirp “XXX County Health Department, Bioterrorism and Emergency Preparedness, how can I help you?”


Added this guy to a very special circle…



I know we get a few robo-faxes at work, too, but they go to a shared printer on another floor, so I never seem them. It was just luck that I managed to get the robo-calls while at my desk.

I am still waiting for a fake “Microsoft Support” scammer to call me at work. That would be a goldmine, comedy-wise. Come to think of it, I should probably set up a VM for them to connect with, just in case…


Sundance Vacations say they heard about this but had nothing to do with the fake court order…

Who could possibly have forged a court order to take down criticism of Sundance Vacations? Ha. It doesn’t exactly take a master tracker to see where it came from. My favorite thing about thugs like this is how transparently and absurdly dishonest they are.


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