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I did the blood-vial hand-in for testing and I’m scheduled for the dungeon meet-up next week. Super excited!


Have you drunk the blood of a firstborn male child of a free-market Republican senator or Tory MP? If you have any medical issues preventing this, please get a waiver from your doctor.


I thought I had actually, but the test results came back yesterday and it showed that the blood I drank back in '07 was not in fact Republican, but some other obscure sort of conservative blood.

I ordered some new blood off eBay, I just really hope it’s actually GOP blood this time like the seller told me.


@mindysan - point of order? Is a candidate allowed to purchase the ceremonial “wine”, or must it be personally decanted? It’s nice that the market is helping solutionize this problem [I can’t believe I’m saying this], but doesn’t it detract from the propaganda of the deed?

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Which corporate CEO came up with that gem of a phrase?


What is up with CodingHorror in here? Men’s games, women’s games, plenty of choices for both, legitimate criticism, and explosions and guns are for men. WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN.


Don’t even know why he’s posting in there. The BBS is clearly for women… :wink:


I’d guess it would depend on the source? I’d prefer personally decanted as that’s how we did it in MY DAY!!! But I also would hate to alienate the youths in order to bring them to our cause… if @lindendollars can verify authenticity, we should accept it, I’d say.


I’d say it also depends on the vintage. Post-burning-man Grover Norquist blood just isn’t as bitter as the earlier stuff.


I wanted to avoid this, given the great respect for the things that @codinghorror has made (stack, discourse), but he keeps digging so I must abide myself.

le sigh

Moving this aspect of the debate here where it’s more on-topic than the merits of Anita Sarkeesian making the TIME 100.

This analysis ties acceptability only to the measure of current profitability. Fundamentally, as a solely economical analysis, it has the freedom to ignore the fact that social, societal, and cultural norms shift across time.

In my opinion, assigning no value to interpersonal values affords zero respect for cultural progress.


Shooting other people is a distinctively American itch. I can find plenty of sources to back that up. What’s more important: the male imperative to violence, the American imperative to shoot, or making excuses for things that hurt people?

I think socialists and libertarians part ways when profiteering on what’s currently politically acceptable trumps some reasonable notion of what people of the next generation might find unacceptable.

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Shooting is but one form of violence, fellow mammal!

Bolstering this hypothesis is the fact that males are the more belligerent sex in virtually all mammalian species that biologists have studied. Even the one marked exception to this trend—the spotted (“laughing”) hyena—may prove the rule. The female hyena, which is more physically aggressive than her male counterpart, has higher testosterone levels than the male does.

I dunno, it just seems obvious to me that men and women have greatly different tastes in some areas, specifically those around violence and porn – and I feel many (but by no means all) games are closer to porn in terms of scratching certain hormonal itches than anything else.

And the data is certainly there to back it up!

The most overwhelming feeling is the incredible increase in libido and change in the way that I perceived women and the way I thought about sex. Before testosterone, I would be riding the subway, which is the traditional hotbed of lust in the city. And I would see a woman on the subway, and I would think, she’s attractive. I’d like to meet her. What’s that book she’s reading? I could talk to her. This is what I would say.

There would be a narrative. There would be this stream of language. It would be very verbal.

After testosterone, there was no narrative. There was no language whatsoever. It was just, I would see a woman who was attractive or not attractive. She might have an attractive quality, nice ankles or something, and the rest of her would be fairly unappealing to me.

But that was enough to basically just flood my mind with aggressive, pornographic images, just one after another. It was like being in a pornographic movie house in my mind. And I couldn’t turn it off. I could not turn it off. Everything I looked at, everything I touched, turned to sex.



To be honest, games are just a little bit porn-y to me in the way that I experience them. So seeing a big gender difference there, well… isn’t that expected?

i think we have a solution to the porn “problem”, Gentlemen!

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Like chess!


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Is chess about violence? Nope. Are CEO roles about violence? Nope. Should be fine for either gender then.

But Hitman, a game about an assassin? GTA5 where you run around with a damn (invisible) arsenal strapped to your back? Mmm, sweet, sweet violence.

That’s the problem with violence as a solution. Sometimes people don’t use enough and then they get the idea it doesn’t work.

It works. But there isn’t much that it can do.

Edited to add:

Chess is precisely about violence. It is merely a very abstract representation.

Depends upon if you consider economic coercion to be violence. I do. Corporations also feed back into governmental policies, and use government protections, including law enforcement.

I don’t often say this, but I mean it when I do.


Look, I’ve played A LOT of FPS and 3rdPS shooters. It’s my favorite genre. And my reaction to that is: gross. gross. gross. gross. awful. terrible. and gross again.

This isn’t just about violence. It’s about violence against women.


Yeah, fair enough, mostly I support violence against other virtual men.

But if we allow people to choose female player avatars in multiplayer, I’d be shooting women. Not naked in the shower, though.

I agree that having it be in the shower is kind of gratuitous. Though in the pulpy context of that Hitman game with bondage nun assassins (no, really) it is not terribly worse than, a live action version of, say

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Women as target. Women in the 'fridge. Women as objects.

Jeff, I love you, but listen up, because this is an important life lesson. When you “no really” a point about bondage nun assassins it’s incredibly important that you don’t parrot it back to the same person that just made that point less than 12 hours ago.

Because you lose some cred when you do that.


Gawd, you’re such a hipster…