Super cool 1961 catalog of miniature models


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Cool catalog–love the models in the back of non-glamorous industrial components and engines. Of course we kids in the 60’s who did not have dads who worked for the military industrial complex had to settle for the civilian hobby-store versions: Revel models!


I remember “models” like these. My childhood dentist had some navy planes in his office, and my uncle, a salesman for Learjet and Cessna, had several of them.

Uncle Tommy gave my hyperactive kid brother a “spare” learjet model. My brother treated it like a toy and I think it lasted a week. It was made of some kind of brittle composition material. I remember how lame it looked after my mother glued the tail back on with Duco cement; missing bits of the glossy shell showed the sawdust / cement casting material underneath.

I much preferred the plastic models that Bob refers to!

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I’d just like to note the UFO-looking thing is the very real Avro Canada VZ-9AV Avrocar. Because they tried some crazy stuff back during the Cold War.


Yeah. The avrocar shows up in the webz every few years in “GOVT WORKING ON FLYING SAUCER TOP SEECRET” click bait.

I think the subtly funniest is the Bulpup missile. Mounted nose down.

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