Flying saucer takes flight over Shenzhen

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Avro VZ-9 Avrocar has entered the chat


When do they go on sale? Asking for a future billionaire friend. /s

Ah, you beat me too it!

I’ve seen a similar device to the Chinese model, but it didn’t have any shrouding to form a saucer shape. Basically upscaled drones?


Throw it in the flying car pile. Should make for a fun ride at the state fair but that’s about it. It flies, it’s a saucer but hiding behind the Moon? Atmosphere dependent hardly qualifies as a UFO unless they also moved space down to 650 ft… No antigrav.

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Yay, 15min of flight time. Call me back when that is at least 1hr 15min of flight time.

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I was gonna say… it’s the 1950s all over again - but electric.

It’s perfect for traveling the sort of distance that’s better done by… a bus.


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