This drone flies via the Coandă effect

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Upshot: yes, it works, but it appears to be far less efficient than a standard propeller rig, despite what some others have claimed. Cool to watch him testing out the theory, though.


Yep. Headline should be “This drone barely flies via the Coanda effect”


Drones are slow, loud, and inefficient. What if we could use this cool physics effect to make them slower, louder, and incredibly inefficient?

(I know, I know, he’s just messing around. But come on. When I hear that a motor runs on the Such-and-So Effect, I am expecting it to fold space or something.)


I visibly saw the air being pulled downwards. I visibly saw it with my eyes!


This concept is called laminar flow in marine architecture, and possibly in computational fluid dynamics.


That drone “flight” makes the Magnus effect seem like a jet engine.

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One supposes an optimal propellor design makes effective use of the coanda effect to create a proportion of its thrust. The video does seem very cool though to demonstrate a principle.

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Easy for me to criticize as he took all the risks and I took none, but it strikes me that it did not work via the Coandã Effect and instead standard rotary wing drone flight happened. Happened while hobbled with big doughnut things that incidentally might have induced the Coandã Effect. It would have been interesting to see what would happen if he had mounted the standard propellers close to the body surface.

Also, styrofoam hot-wired to shape would be lighter than printed parts.

quick edit for a touch of humility on my part.


I think Tom made one of these some years back:



Perhaps if he surrounded the propellers with a sleeve (or even a duct?) to direct the airflow closer to the curved surface it would work better? /s

This is so 2019. Sigh… 2019

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I have always wondered if the nearly silent stealth helicopters are fictional.

Anything to make quadcopter drones quieter.

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