Demonstrating the Magnus effect for fun and fun


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Very cool, as long as they picked up their toys afterward…including the small ones.

Description says they did. :+1:


I would not be able to watch this if it weren’t for the safety harnesses. As it is, my palms were sweating throughout.



Looks like littering to me.


The video description says they collected it all, and one of the comments says they show collection in another of their videos. If I really doubted it, I’d hunt down the video, but I’m not that distrusting.


Looks like they had people scattered on the hillside below.


No sweaty palms here but I got a good cremaster workout watching it.

Is it just me or did they really not put nearly enough spin on most of those balls?


I was thinking that I hope they were with them, lest they be tossing objects at other hikers.


The Magnus effect is real, but it appears they were demonstrating cross-wind effects just as much.


“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s - oh fuck, run!”


The Magnus Effect - Over 9 minutes of dudes yapping and throwing shit off a cliff.

Don’t think I learned much anything other than to not waste my time on these things again.



Weaponizing the Magnus Effect


So the Magnus Effect is talking about what a cute young GoPro™ user you are? I expected some science or something, but only got through about half. Maybe there’s a plot twist and it’s Red Bull™?

Okay, so I got around to educating myself. It didn’t even take nine minutes of yammering. The Magnus Effect is what we used to call “spin,” and every athlete who has ever picked up a ball knows about it.


Now that’s the good stuff. I love Jorg, he’s great.


And the youtube inane-bro-chatter effect as well. That should be a 1 minute video.


LOL, his laugh is diabolical!


Evil? Noooo. Never… More like… a delightful cackle.


Pet peeve - why bother wearing a helmet at all if you aren’t going to wear it properly?

I know that a lot of people I see on bikes wearing helmets on the back of their heads or even backwards (surprisingly common) don’t know any better, and people on crotch rockets wearing a full face helmet perched on top of their head are just doing it to not get a ticket. But what was aussie dudebro’s thinking here? “I’ll wear a climbing helmet, but that isn’t cool, so I’ve got to wear my flat brim under it - but that will look even more ridiculous and as a bonus negate any of the benefits of wearing a helmet?”

I guess I’m officially old