Cool video of an Air Tahiti plane's voyage, shot with multiple GoPro cameras



The cloud thing at the end is incredible!

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Wow, visible lifting-force physics! Jump right to it at t-4m43s The “Newtonian downwash” shed vortices produced by Bernoulli equation is directly visible.

Also the video shows the actual purpose of wintip winglets: they force the tip-vortices to attach to the very end of the wing. Without them, often the vortices will break loose and migrate many yards inwards, and the far part of the wing then starts contributing negative lift. (See military videos of smoke patterns in “flare angels” from C-130 missle defense flares. Often you can see that the tip-vortices aren’t connecting anywhere near the wing tips.)


No angle left un-shot. Amazing work! Hard to believe it’s not a commercial.

Cool video, but I wonder how a “fan” has access to filming from these places.

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Tahiti. It’s a magical place.

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This is truly an astonishing video…. I sent this to a pilot friend of mine that works 747’s out of IAH and he loved it… It’s truly amazing what goes on behind the scenes that the ‘passenger’ never sees or thinks about…

Fantastic vid. Too bad that A340 is the least enjoyable 9 hours you will spend in the air. Painfully uncomfortable seats and dreadful food. Fly Hawaiian, their A330 is far superior to TN’s offering.

I’m very curious about the technical aspects of this.

Was the go pro activated remotely when it was located externally? The battery/SD card will never last the entire journey unless the landing scenes were from very short hops.

Well, I flew the plane featured in the video (Air Tahiti Nui’s “Mangareva” A340) back in 2004 on LAX-CDG and it’s been one of the most enjoyable flights I’ve ever made. Good plane, good IFE (for the time), good food and the nicest personnel I’ve ever met on an airplane.

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