Super gross pig eyeballs Halloween time-lapse video

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Here’s looking at you!

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I don’t see why a video of a natural decaying process should be „super gross“. Are we so far removed from nature now?

It’s not the same as having a couple of pig eyes laying around and decaying in your kitchen.

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I would say being grossed out by decay is very much a part of nature. It’s a natural defense mechanism against catching disease after all.

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Some of that is natural, some is cultural. If I don‘t feel the same kind of disgust watching the video, that is an indicator for a significant cultural component.

I read that conservatives are typically grossed out more easily, so it may not such a good idea cultivating disgust, because

Research has also found that people who are more sensitive to disgust tend to find their own in-group more attractive and tend to have more negative attitudes toward other groups.[11] This may be explained by assuming that people begin to associate outsiders and foreigners with disease and danger while simultaneously associating health, freedom from disease, and safety with people similar to themselves. (section about evolutionary significance)

So if there‘s a cultural component to disgust, we better not train it, right?

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well, now I know what Vaughn Oliver used…


If conservatives are more easily grossed out, then how come Mitch McConnell?

Extremely bad taste. Will no-one think of the piglets?

Well headline nailed it - super gross.

glad you posted this - I knew I have seen those eyes from something else… Those are def. pig eyes.

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