Super Powereds by Drew Hayes

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I started this series at the beginning of the summer and am already on book 3. I’ve been listening to the Audible versions, mostly, as well as reading when audio is inconvenient. It should be noted that the narrator, Kyle McCarley, does a great job on the (very many) voices. The chapters are short, but the books are all rather on the long side, which I consider a plus. I went into the series expecting something very simple and hopefully funny. While I still wouldn’t classify the read as challenging, there is a very surprising depth to the characters and plot, everything is very well described so that is is easy for me to lose myself in the world of Lander and HCP. I was also surprised at how invested I became in the main characters’ individual lives. There are lots of laughs, but also more serious topics including loss of loved ones, mental health, alcoholism, etc. Drew Hayes has very much impressed me with the balance he has brought between the funny and serious. The first three books’ audio versions are 26, 32, and 41 hours long respectively, so I really feel like I get my credits-worth out of Audible on these :slight_smile: . Can’t wait to finish the whole series! There is also a spin-off series in the works, called Corpies, with the first book out already.


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