Randall "XKCD" Munroe's Thing Explainer book-tour

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This is the stuff of which audiobook nightmares are made. We produced the audio of WHAT IF. This seems worse. I mean, better.


How could What If not been a gas? Was there too much corpsing?

Of course it was wonderful. But anytime there are visuals in a print book which are central to the content, the transition to audiobook can be eye-crossingly complex. Fortunately, the author worked directly and generously with us (Skyboat) on all this; and Wil Wheaton was his usual magical self in the Tardis studio. Our director Cassandra de Cuir was also astonishingly quick-witted at solving on the spot quandries.


Even though I understand it was a lot of work with hard to solve problems… I am officially jealous :smile:

I just may need to pick it up.


And I assume you’ve heard Cory and Wil’s HOMELAND? https://vimeo.com/100956787


Aaaaand my list just got longer :smile:

How does a person read everything they find important, listen to the things they love, and learn to play the hurdy gurdy at the same time?

Maybe I should write a book…


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