"Superflat" artist Takashi Murakami writes about himself

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I saw some of his sculptures at a pop art exhibit a few years ago; a picture of one turned up on Imgur’s wild ride yesterday and I couldn’t recall his name. Dude has some ideas about bodily functions, ayoye.


Did somebody say Murakami?

That’s my jam.


In my only Salvia divinorum experience, I spent five very intense minutes being sucked into a swirling silver vortex of pure Murakami. Had to crawl off the couch onto the floor, was brought back to boring old regular life by Zulu licking my face…

Saw a Murakami exposition a couple of years ago in the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art.
Was very much blown away by it.
I love me some Murakami.


I first encountered his art while sightseeing at Versailles. It turned out that, like a lot of the churches and cathedrals during my trip, the palace was doubling as an art gallery. The juxtaposition was quite something.


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