Tony Matelli's creeptastic hyperrealistic sculptures

Tony Matelli creates art in various media but his hyper-realistic sculptures depicting people and animals in moments of panic, despair, and horror are unsettling in the best possible way. I would love to see a joint art exhibition pairing Tony Matelli with Ron Mueck, who I’ve posted about many times before. "The bizarre, incredible sculpture… READ THE REST


I saw Mueck’s work once. i was lucky enough to be visiting NY with a friend who knew to go to Sensation (an exhibit of the Saatchi collection) at the Bklyn Museum. I agree, Matelli’s work is similar and I assumed it was Mueck at a glance. Matelli’s got his own thing, though. good stuff.

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I need to get a schedule for all my favorite artists and find out what galleries they’re at.

I had the privilege of seeing this guy’s work back in the day and I’ll never forget it:


Pictures don’t do it justice. You have to experience the mind-warp live to really appreciate it.

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