Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas delays disclosures amid reports of property sales, trips

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It’s almost like the SCOTUS’s Office Porn Guy has something to hide…


If Democrats regain the House after the 2024 elections, there needs to be serious impeachment talk about Thomas. I know it has zero chance of succeeding, but this is beyond ridiculous. Abe Fortas was forced to resign amid whispers of impeachment for accepting money from a financier involved in a securities violation investigation. And Fortas actually returned the money. Still, he was forced to resign, as he should have been. The same should happen with Thomas, but it won’t because Republicans no longer care about anything other than their own control of government.


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Justice Samuel Alito also asked for an extension, but has done so before without subsequently disclosing anything inappropriate.

Is that because he didn’t have anything inappropriate to report (and was just procrastinating and/or being extra thorough in vetting potential disclosures) or because he was trying to figure out how to hide the inappropriate stuff?



Friendship is cheap. A blank check will do.
Yeah, right. The offender is allowed to interpret the rules to clarify their offense. No conflict of interest at all.

Also, this is from Gifts and Entertainment ethic rules for federal employees

  • Gifts based on a personal relationship when it is clear that the motivation is not the employee’s official position and gift is paid for personally by the family member or friend;
  • Gifts of $20 or less per occasion, not to exceed $50 in a year from one source;

Why the hell the judges sit on the highest court of the land had lower ethic standard than a lowly federal employee has to follow?

It seems like they think they’re above the law or something /s.



That’s the problem. Even if he doesn’t have anything that’s a problem, Thomas has so deeply poisoned the well that any trust we might have had in the institution really being impartial and above it all is gone.


If Thomas actually gave a hoot about preserving public trust in the court he’d retire on his own accord even if he has somehow convinced himself he never did anything wrong.


Narrator: “He doesn’t.”


Nixon pushed-- he wanted to dismantle the Warren court.


I understand that. It doesn’t change the fact that Fortas took money from someone under federal investigation. Sometimes people we wish wouldn’t do bad things do bad things, and the consequences benefit people we don’t like. Had Fortas not done that, Nixon could not have nudged him out the door, no matter how much he wanted to dismantle the Warren Court.


I must question BB’s use of a caricature of Desmond Tutu to illustrate this post. Bad error.

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Clearly, he’s writing it all down, it’s just that there’s *so much" to disclose that it’s taking a while.

/s for the first part. Truth for the second.

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