Survey: nearly half think it may be legal to install spyware on a family member's devices

It sucks, nevertheless.

I think I would even prefer a buzzfeed-like headline.

When asked if they would install spyware on their families and partners phones, what do YOU think thousands responded?


From the article


Start your own blog, then.


All the criticism in the world still isn’t going to make Cory change how he posts his content.



Jay for ggplot2.

EDIT: damn, hit sent to fast.

So, yay for ggplot2. But can anyone explain to them when to use stacked barplots, and how? That’s not really…

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Do you have to see the author when it is a shrill out and out distortion on the facts that actively make all but the most outspoken idiots want to scream how wrong they are?

Cory is almost like one of those folks trying to sabotage their side from the inside by making them look like idiots.

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I probably am just bad at reading comments, but I don’t see anyone pointing out that it’s all about if spyware is legal, not if it is right. This says more about what people suspect their legislatures of allowing more than about their own mores.

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Doesn’t the “I don’t know” group count as people who think it may be legal?

They aren’t confident, or they’d be “yes”; but they aren’t “no”; which is pretty much exactly what “maybe” is about.

Reminds me of something I found slightly disturbing in Castle, a series I’m otherwise very fond of: the number of times the title character had a tracking app installed on his phone, by his partner/spouse, an associate, but even more often by his own daughter. I understand it was both as a plot device and for comedy (kind of a running gag really) but I do wonder if it was well understood by all viewers.

That’s how I would hear it. I haven’t had time to read all ∞,000,000,000 pages of laws, so “I Don’t Know” would seem appropriate (unless the question were asked in context like “after reading this statute, do you think this is legal?”). But a lot of people don’t think that way. They just make an assumption and back it up by assuming that they’re right.

The “I don’t know” probably contains the people who’ve never had to think about it because they’ve never done it, wanted to do it, or had it happen to them. The “Yes it’s legal” and “No it’s not legal” groups contain the ones who have either justified it to themselves, congratulated themselves on not getting caught, backed out of a plan to do it, or had it done to them.

Counting only the Yes’s and No’s would give about 25% think it’s legal, 75% think it’s illegal.

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This is why, in my household, we use two-factor authentication.

“Honey, I’m home! Please enter the six-digit code I just texted to your phone to verify your identity.”

“Um… 634103.”

“Correct! Welcome back, LISA. Our last spousal contact was today at 07:51:28. You have 1 new message, which is that I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning.”


Typical click-bait title, which BoingBoing is using a lot of lately. Anything to get page views.

It worked on you, didn’t it?

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