1 in 5 snoop on a phone belonging to a friend or loved one


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Cellphones of friends are off limits. Spouses I suppose you can argue too, but friends? C’mon … wtf is wrong with people.


Snoop is from the Say Anything lexicon of stalking.

I’m just sayin’ . . . .


Why would I snoop on their cell phone when they left their laptop unsecured and logged into Facebook?



I’m thinking


The Wire?



Loved that show!


This would be my mother.

There’s a reason why I have a password on my lockscreen, and why I disable all of the ways to unlock the phone without the password when she comes by.


Why does your mom think it’s okay?


Haven’t the foggiest. She also goes through any stray piece of paper that isn’t filed away (and some that are).


Have you ever tried to talk to her about it?

(I know, you probably have, but I had to ask.)


I haven’t; my sister has. I live about a 5-hour drive away from her now, so it’s really not worth hurting her feelings about.


I hear ya.


It’s funny that when you’re a kid, you might snoop into your parents’ things (or go hunting for Christmas gifts). But at a certain age, and after getting in trouble for snooping, people tend to place boundaries and accept them as well. I think this especially works when being raised in a big family and learning over time to respect boundaries.

Maybe no one told your mother to stop when she was young? And we all know, you can’t teach old parents new tricks. I think the password is best for these situations.


An exchange between two relatives of mine:
A: "I didn’t know you’d had [medical procedure]"
B: "Who told you that?"
A: "It was on a piece of paper in your rubbish bin."
B: "You can’t go looking through my rubbish!"
A: "You shouldn’t have left it lying around!"
B: [shocked silence]


Adjusted, to what I would have personally replied.


I think it’s more like she still thinks of her grown-up children as kids. Not only is it her right to check up on them, it’s her duty to make sure they’re not getting into trouble, regardless of them being old enough to marry and have kids of their own.


1 in 5?


The last time my mom took it upon herself to go snooping through my things, she inadvertently came across a vibrator.

Oddly, she hasn’t indulged the impulse to go prying again in a good decade or so.