Survey of the 2019 security landscape reveals some surprising bright spots

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I am encouraged to see that at long last women are getting some prominence in electronic security. It’s been almost 20 years since they went from the majority of CS graduates to a minority in the USA and maybe the tide is turning again.


But he switches to being an alumnus in a later paragraph, though that may have been the joke, who knows

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Chris Palmer is apparently a man, and thus an “alumnus”. The “alumna” was probably just a typo.

I actually got that to begin with (it is soooo embarrassing to get that kind of thing wrong, so I double checked) but this approach seemed a bit better than going all LatiNazi on Corey, who probably knows it better than I do.

This at least gave an opening for taking a shot at the deplorable regression in the CS field.

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One thing I hate is password rules that bar pass phrases. I often have to throw in some letters nums or symbols on the end to appease, but sometimes they also have character limits. Why can’t I have more than 32 chars in my password $BIG_CREDIT_CARD_ISSUER?

It sucks because with two factor in place I would feel comfortable doing banking in say, a hotel business center - but they nudge me towards hard to type passwords that make that hard to do.

Within the USA it’s not a big deal, I just use my phone’s data connection, but internationally I can’t use data and need to pay for texts (because very few institutions support non-telephonic 2f, and when they do it’s often relying on access to data not using Google Authenticator codes)

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