Sweary guide to tomorrow's UK general elections


That editorial content could have been published on SwearNet.

Swearing seems the only appropriate response.

Go on…

Almost as good as Prime Minister’s Questions

I am looking forward to an amusing evening tomorrow, hoping to see Jeremy Cu…Hunt and Nick Clegg lose their seats (along with lots of other LDs), Farage fail to win his, and Labour implode in Scotland. Also the back of Esther McVey, and Thatcher’s old seat going to Labour. I’d hope that Galloway loses his too, but that might be too much to ask for. I expect the 1922 committee will chuck Call Me Dave out on his arse pdq, too.

Luckily the time difference means I won’t even have to stay up too late to enjoy it.
(and not living there any more means I won’t have to suffer the inevitable shambles of a result too much, either).


Lab-SNP, Grand coalition or sneaky minority Con-LD with backdoor deal with SNP?

How long before the next election?

What a fucking shambles.

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