Sword and Laser Podcast 167: Spitcoin


Get well soon, Veronica!

Much as I love the author interviews, it’s great to get these rapid-fire surveys of SF+F news.

The only thing I really miss with e-reading is the bookshelf. It’s not just the easy lending or note-taking (some of my paperbacks have so many post-its sticking out around three sides that they look like sea-creatures.) What I do miss is the sort of mental hot-links that are triggered glancing down the shelves, and the cross-pollination of ideas that are generated by taking in an ecclectic collection’s titles all at once.

However, those things can’t outweigh the convenience of e-books. I’ll just have to code a randomized title-cloud desktop background fed from my goodreads account to get the mental trigger effects.

On GoT, the biggest problem with the timeframes is how quickly the child actors are growing up. Bran is going to be comparing beards with Hodor any time now.

An addition to the “upcoming releases” - I just noticed that Jim Butcher’s Skin Game is coming out May 27th.

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