The making of the Sword & Laser Anthology


I saw the iStore link. Will it be available at a similar price on the Kindle?

I miss you guys on Tekzilla and Tech News Today.

Season finale of +The Sword and Laser book club. My favorite episodes were the author interviews—concluded with the always entertaining white board guides! This is their (alas) last book discussion episode, but they will continue their audio podcast and Goodreads forum.

Is there anywhere one can see the table of contents for the anthology? I’ve looked on both the Lulu page and the S&L website and there doesn’t seem to be a list of the stories anywhere.

I’m planning on buying it anyway - ideally once it’s on the Kindle store - but I do like to know what stories are in a book before I buy it. Not to mention that it’s better advertisement to the authors to let the world know that their stories are included.

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