SXSW will remove contractual immigration threats for international artists who play the show

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Well thank goodness. I thought they just loved them some Trump. Maybe the larger issue of contract calcification should be addressed more vigorously in law school. But IANAL.


It’s a start. But there’s no indication that this…

“If I want to, I can destroy you. Regardless of what this contract says, it means that we’re in charge and you’d best get permission before you do anything.”

…isn’t still their default stance for which they relinquished a single especially abhorrent tool from their quiver. Basically, they’ve been treating musicians and other presenters like shit for decades and I’ll believe they’ve turned over a new leaf when they stop treating acts like they own them while they’re in Austin.

But yes, this is good and, while no one deserves praise for ceasing bad behavior, it’s a step in the right direction nonetheless and deserves encouragement.


That’s mighty white of them.


The only thing I have gotten out of SXSW was a band (Jared & The Mill). Outside of that…eh

NO! Really?!


SXSW has not, does not, and will not,

They lost already, somebody tell them.

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