SXSW condemns Texas's state-level law banning "sanctuary cities" like Austin


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I know a lot of Austinites who would be really happy to see less SXSW.


Well, heck. I know a lot of Münchner who would be really happy to see less Oktoberfest. that is obvious in any city that there will be a lot of “natives”* who hate how commercial and crass, how all the visitors drive up prices, and so on.

I just think Austin is the only reason I haven’t written Texas off completely, and SXSW is still something I want to visit.

*That is, people who moved there about 10 years ago and thus consider themselves natives


The phenomenon of big commercial enterprises (festivals, trade shows, sportsball teams, etc.) threatening to not to come to states that enact bigoted laws seems to be the only thing that moves GOP legislators to reconsider their stances; they may not care about the opinions of human persons, but when a corporate person speaks they listen, my friends.


I definitely would be happy to be rid of SXSW. The clusterfuck downtown while that’s going on is a pain in the ass.


Exactly how are they"walking the talk" ? As far as I know it seems all they are doing is talking… unless they plan on actively stymieing law enforcement and ice


Also, there is no obligation whatsoever for local law enforcement to enforce immigration law or even cooperate with ICE. The Federal Court Immigration law is not like criminal law. Local officials are generally ignorant as to how it works.

The Texas law is completely improper. It penalizes cities for complying with federal laws.


Great, now SXSW is in favor of hiring Illegal Aliens as SLAVE LABOR! I would not expect that such a liberal group would even favor this idea, so it seems that they want to be able to hire cheap Slave Labor from outside the country in order to do business inside TEXAS without having to pay TEXAS Citizens!

Sorry SXSW, you made the wrong choice and you should change your position on this. SB4 is NOT an “Ask for your Papers” Bill, if you take the time to read it there is nothing that isn’t happening today in law enforcement all around the country when someone is under investigation.

Hey SXSW sponsors, maybe you need a new and enlightened venue to be part of that actually favors supporting of our laws and paying our citizens first!

This is about the dumbest statement I have heard all week! SXSW CEO Roland Swenson said, “We are concerned that SB4 will substantially limit the participation of U.S. citizens and foreign nationals in SXSW and limit the diversity and quality of the event. This decrease in participation will also diminish our substantial economic contribution to the City of Austin and the State of Texas.” So tell me how does this impact those who are in the country legally? This just sounds like gibber gabber talk from someone who has no idea what the real impact is from Illegal Aliens. Just the other day a young teenager was run over by a Illegal Alien from Central America! Is this what SXSW wants? No, that isn’t and we all know it so SXSW management get on board and start supporting SB4, it will do you good in the long term.


yeah, well, Austinites are weird.


Makes more sense when applied to Texas

I noticed a sock puppet account showed up. I didn’t bother replying to it.


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I replied to it. Now I regret doing so.



Let’s just ignore it


Yeah, he has bigger problems if he’s worried that only jobs he can get are the “desirable” ones that are usually taken by undocumented immigrants. Better not to distract him while he searches for a position as a busboy or ditch digger or sweatshop worker.


There’s a lot one can say in regards of this topic, for and against. I fully understand why someone would be against having illegal immigrants around but as most things in life, it’s complicated. There are all kinds of reasons why someone would risk so much to do so, and establishing the thought that they’re all stealing jobs, criminals, not contributing to their communities, etc is blind to people’s personal plights.

Are there illegals that take advantage, commit crimes, etc? Absolutely. We all want to solve that problem, but putting thousands of innocent children and families at risk of deportation is more than unjust, it’s immoral. Some will only go back and have their very lives at danger, but hey… not the US’ problem!


If guys like this are so bloody concerned about their jerbs remaining in American hands they’d be pushing for a more streamlined path to citizenship that would allow families to stay together and allow law-abiding immigrants to become citizens in full. But conservatives politicians prefer to play to their base’s desire for authoritarianism, incarceration and racial entitlement (and, judging by his above, also like to take advantage of their difficulties with reading comprehension).


There’s a very real danger that people face that results in them immigrating, legally or illegally. No one makes those decisions lightly, and the lack of empathy and compassion is something else. I guess it is easier to see brown people as evil, but let us not forget that many people have died trying to gain entry to the US legally.


Does kitty need a hug?


Alabama was a prime example. They passed a “show your papers” law and all of the immigrants left the state. That means the farmers that would have used those immigrants didn’t have anyone to pick the crops. Did the “MURICANS!!” who supported the law fill those jobs? Nope! The pay was too low for them and it was too hard.

If people like Sock Puppet up there get their way, all the jobs the immigrants do won’t get done and the real "MURICANS!!’ won’t do them cause reasons.