Sympathetic Bernie Sanders profile in Bloomberg Businessweek


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I want nothing to do with Bernie Sanders as President. I think he’s wrong on damned near everything. Yet I cannot help but like the guy. I think he’s smart, honest, sincere and (unlike many folks I see on the left) I harbor no doubts about his genuine love for the entire American enterprise.

We could do worse. (And probably will!)


It’s important to show love for the entirety of the American Enterprise, as a loyalty test, I agree. Genocide over the indigenous population. Slavery. Violence against women and organized labor. Foreign wars that cost us trillions, and make the world less safe. INDEED! The ENTIRETY of the American Enterprise must be beloved!!!


What, precisely, do you think he’s wrong on?


It’s essentially pointless to argue that point in a forum like this, but my politics are much more Gary Johnson than Bernie Sanders.


So, socially liberal libertarian?


It always amazes me how many people choose to shackle libertarianism to business and commerce. When I identified more as a libertarian, I saw it as more of a way to ultimately replace politics (and business) with science.


He probably has a better understanding of the financial industry than Ben Carson does.

Well I have to say, I’m impressed!


Only ‘probably’, which puts him somewhere behind my dead cat.


I think it depends on how you define libertarian - are you going with Emma Goldman’s definition or Ayn Rand’s (did she ever call herself a libertarian?, I’m not sure, but others consider her to be so)?


I dunno… was it all that sympathetic. They kept insisting he “hates” the wealthy, when that’s not the case at all, I don’t think. He hates a rigged system.


He’s the first US presidential candidate I’ve seen in all my years who’s able to find an oligarchy while sharing a bathtub with one. I mainly wonder how he’s survived this long!


Shouldn’t we all be talking about Trump? The media sure is. Please stop mentioning Bernie. You wouldn’t want him to get elected would you?


Ayn Rand MUST have been a libertarian, she’s shared one trait that the most prominent libertarians have, of having benefited greatly from government largesse when it suited her.


Joel Stein? The smarmy unfunny jagoff from Time? That’s like getting an endorsement from a teenaged Bill Maher.

Thanks, but please stay off of my side.


Then either give up on the snarky horseshit or come up with better ideas.


That whole article was pretty funny. I laughed out loud a number of times. Don’t miss the part where Bernie is sensed looming behind an event coordinator eating a burrito, then asks if he can have half because he’s hungry.


Bernie does give the impression of being the last survivor of a Clifford Odets repertory company, but for all that it’s clear that his personal integrity is light years ahead of the competition.


It’s so snarky to say, in effect, “I disagree with everything this guy says, but still think he’s an honest, decent guy.”


I think he is very angry at the wealthy as a class. Being angry is very different than hating, but it’s a distinction that people with little empathy can’t make.