Tackle shitty working conditions with this free human resources service

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I think the term “Human Resources” should be replaced with “Personnel”. I rather be a person than a species resources.


I’d wager that the dehumanizing factor is a big part of why it is “human resources”. You need to remember, as the article points out, that they work for the company and have to throw you under the bus if that’s better for said company :wink:


Soylent Green is people who have crossed Human Resources?


This is such a great service, but it doesn’t seem like much of a business model.

  1. ???
  2. Profit!

An organisation that has employment law specialists on tap, who will back you up in the event of a dispute with your employer, who can give you support when you need it, and can reduce the chance of retribution in a one-sided argument with a powerful employer.

Yeah, they already exist. they’re called unions.


Perhaps the business model is offering to litigate, on contingency, the most egregious cases.

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Hootsworth will then anonymize your question so that other users of the service can browse the expert answer to your problem that was given.

Hi Hootsworth? I’m a 7-foot 2-inch blind albino vegan Navy Seal and I need some advice…


I’ve always thought “Human Resources” at least has a shark-like honesty of intent.


Ah, but e-unions are so much cooler! It’s the wave of the future!

Can there be a situation where the union’s interests and a specific union member’s interests come into conflict? And if the answer is “yes,” what do such situation look like and how common are they?

Not trolling and not trying to sabotage the idea of unions; I honestly don’t know the answer because I’ve never worked in a situation where I would have the option/requirement of joining a union. I do support the idea of unions in concept. But I am also bitter and cynical and assuming that the idea and its real-world implementation are often very different things.

When I hear Human Resources, I think of fracking and strip-mining.

If unions could re-invent themselves, that might be a thing. But unions as they exist today are so steeped in the 1900’s, and so out of touch with the way anyone under 40ish works, that they have little hope of getting traction.

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There certainly can - depending on how you define the union’s interests. A common example might be where the union is negotiating a collective arrangement that they think will be for the benefit of the majority of their members but is contrary to the specific interests of one particular member.

Other causes of hilarity are trying to get union assistance with a complaint about a manager who is also a member of the union…

Who gets the assistance of the one trained union representative in the office?

Here you go:


Join right up if you think it’s for you…

Well, they can. People could just start new unions, run the way they want them…

"If you meet all of the following conditions:

You are a worker (not an employer);"

As a self-employed person, I’m both. Guess that’s that.

Do you have a complaint about yourself, that you can’t talk over with you? Your boss sounds completely unreasonable - maybe it’s time to consider finding a new employer.


In point of fact, my boss is too laid back and not enough of a hard-ass. But yes, definitely not a great manager/supervisor.

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I ended up on a regional employment blacklist in the Nineties for accusing HR and management of strip-mining employees and quoting Harry Caudill. If you haven’t read _emphasized text_Night Comes to the CumberlandsPreformatted text, please check it out.

I’ll add it to my phone library.

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