Taco Bell now has a wedding chapel in Las Vegas


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And heinous farts for the wedding night! Win Win Win!


… and a quick drive to Reno the next day for the divorce!


I love this! It’s brilliant! It’s in a league with the Turducken!I want to fly out there and get married right now - anybody game?


Imma gonna bring down the levity a tad, cause after all these years all I can do is chuckle about this tale.

My parents got divorced. In Reno, at Circus Circus, on a family vacation.

On my birthday.

(They are much happier now and still friends :cowboy_hat_face:)


Two bad decisions in one place!

Also that sauce packet bouquet is a work of pure genius.


Preparing to survive the “franchise wars”.


I’m a traditionalist- if I get hitched in Vegas - an Elvi must be involved.



Do you mean an Elvis or multiple Elvii?


It’s from an old SNL skit -

Bob Marley: He plays Elvis?

Rick Nelson: Yeah, he calls himself King One.

Bob Marley: King One?

[A second Elvis impersonator enters, dressed as the heavier 1970s Elvis]

Rick Nelson: King Two.

Bob Marley: King Two?

[Both Kings walk over to the couch and sit]

King One: [speaking like Elvis] Uh. E-Excuse me, are you Ricky Nelson?

Rick Nelson: Yeah. Hi. [Shakes King One’s hand] This is Bob Marley. [King One shakes Bob’s hand]

Bob Marley: How you doing, King One?

King One: I just wanna say I’m a big fan, and I know the real King was a buddy of yours. I just hope you get a chance to see our show.

King Two: We try to do the King justice. I have a 'specially tough time ‘cause I’m playin’ the latter part of the King’s life, after he discovered carbohydrates.


My wife and I did actually get married at the Graceland Chapel by a guy in an Elvis jumpsuit. He sang “Viva Las Vegas” and the whole deal cost us $350. So, suck it, Taco Bell!


Come on, you know the answer!


If I ever get hitched again–which is a long shot–it has to be a party. A guady one. I’ve had the two hour Catholic wedding, I.e. stand up, kneel, stand up, kneel, repeat until your knees hate you.

It was great, wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, never again.

Destination weddings? For the birds. Courthouse weddings? Mad respect, but not my style. If it ever happens again (it won’t), it will be in a field, with a potluck, and a lot of awkward dancing.


That’s the best part anyway.


So two things.

First, I can marry people in Oregon . Legally. I mean, I can’t marry them, but I can perform the ceremony and have.

Second, as the officiant you tend to do a lot of paperwork on the day. So a bit of awkward dancing, less notories, and fewer signatures sounds fun.

Yes, I am officially Reverend Japhroaig.


$600 and you get a dozen tacos? They advertize a 15 person capacity (indicating that this is in addition to the couple getting married so 17 people wedding party) but not everyone gets a taco?

Getting married at Taco Bell is no more tacky than getting married period, but not having enough tacos for the entire wedding party is fucking bullshit for that kind of money.


Considering the quality of their tacos, might I suggest fewer are better?


crazy-person typing detected. It’s their TACOS not the bean and cheese burritos. Their tacos are life.


Taco Bell tacos are good in a very specific circumstance. Not when you want tacos, but when you want Taco Bell. Similar to when you go “I could put proper cheese on here, but what it really needs is cheez wiz”