Newly divorced woman blows up her wedding dress


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I you are gonna destroy it. GO BIG.


Great to see that she’s got enthusiastic supporters. Divorce can leave some women isolated.

  1. For an explosion video, you really need at least 5 seconds of nothing to build the tension.

  2. 20lb, Jesus, that is a lot of tannerite.

  3. Bit surprised it wasn’t louder on the video, but neither was that gun shot, so probably just the recording device. That’s something that will thump you in the chest.


Needs more cowbell


First comes the engagement ring, then comes the wedding ring, then comes the suffer’ring.


Is that the first or only stanza?


But it’s not like she’s bitter, or anything…


Our Dee Eye Vee Oh Arr Cee Eee, becomes final today


I enjoyed the many people who plugged just one ear because there was a phone or beer in the other.


Not a bit…


Or maybe just a 20lb bit…


I’ve been to bunch of shotgun weddings in my day; it would be nice to go to a shotgun(/Tannerite) divorce. Looks like a fun party.



Still seems safer than the video I saw of a woman burning her wedding dress for a photoshoot, while she was wearing it. Seriously unprofessional photographer with no understanding of fire stunt safety.


O_O Holy shit.


Um… well good on that Texas enthusiasm.

San Antonio is a pretty neat city - an island of blue in a sea of red as someone put it to me at least back in 2008. Living there a year gave me (as a native Oregonian) a much more open perspective on a lot of Texas.


So she’s single, huh?

You don’t say…


Austin too.


I was thinking that the directions call for only mixing up 2 pounds of it at a time, and that’s a lot.

(Posted above, but can’t get enough Farm Film Report.)