TAILS: Snowden's favorite anonymous, secure OS goes 1.0


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Amnesiac or Amnesic?

This is pretty neat. I don’t have all that much use for it, really, but still, nifty.


One of the main strengths of the system appears to be that it always uses TOR. I thought TOR was considered to be fairly unsafe, because of exit node eavesdropping. Am I mistaken?

I expect that TOR is excellent for the savvy technologist who understands how to use TOR as just one part of a secure stack, but for the non-expert, I’d be worried about that someone with an exit node can apparently

intercept usernames and passwords for a large number of e-mail accounts

…according to that link. Can anyone describe whether that’s really an issue? Is a user safe if they just use https?

Your email credentials can’t be stolen in this way if you use HTTPS.

Anything you send or receive in the clear can be eavesdropped on by the operator of an exit node. However, they cannot trace it back to your IP address. This may or may not be a problem, depending on what kind of data it is.

I see that I am a bit behind the times… the image on my isostick is 0.12.1.

This is covered pretty extensively in the very first entry on the “Warnings” page linked from the Tails download page.


Could a student use this to look at banned / blocked sites on their high school network?

Love the reference to free speech/free beer. I imagine RMS reads Boing Boing.

I’ll have to try again later. The server is chocked with requests. Figures. :smile:

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