Takasugi-an is a stunning teahouse in the sky built by Terunobu Fujimori

Originally published at: Takasugi-an is a stunning teahouse in the sky built by Terunobu Fujimori | Boing Boing


I like tea, but not that much…




I bet it sways in the breeze. I’d love it except for the tree abuse. Like, are they set in concrete? They’ve been thoroughly de-tree-ified, so there wouldn’t be much point in the expense of a proper transplant, but that’s just my opinion.

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Who knew the Japanese suffered the concept of a High Tea.
(Welsh rarebit pour moi)


So this looks like a geography series. “Where in the World is Baba Yaga”. “This week she’s having tea in Japan, next week climb up for afternoon cafecito as she visits a finca in Costa Rica”


This is like the third time in the past year that something akin to The Hut of Baba Yaga has turned up. Not that I’m scared or anything.

Didn’t see your post.

Fourth time.


BoingBoing is great 95% of the time, but has this weird addiction to photos and videos of people interfering with nature with cutesy, twee structures or camper vans.
The right thing to do is to spend most of your time in an apartment block in a fully built up area, then go out into nature sparingly. And when you do go there, ideally spend so little time there that you won’t really need to set up cooking or sleeping arrangements, or take a shit.
Even something as innocent as a bonfire can have disastrous consequences. Forest fires is the obvious thing, but (can’t find the link right now) there was also an incident where smoke from a forest fire hit a nearby eagles nest and asphyxiated the chicks of an endangered species of eagle. And just the noise from you and your companions can have a severe negative impact on wild animals who will start to avoid areas where they used to roam freely, thus reducing their grazing areas even if the land in question remains unspoilt nature.

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What if I walk around on tiptoes all the time and am vewy, vewy quiet?


chimneys but no plumbing suggest fire safety might be an issue :fire:

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Are there footholds chopped in the lower 2/3 of access, or can vegetarians now just jump that high easily? Did Terunobu build the thing in place, sans crane, sans scaffold?! Nice level floor, very pitchy roof with no solar or water collection, lots of plasterwork and er…stucco…what, no central pot-hanging chain? Japan so narrowly avoids these crushing crowd hazards.


This is a naive and misguided attitude, IMO. To paraphrase Dave Hughes from his book Deschutes, “A river with too many friends can feel crowded; a river with too few is doomed.”

The same is true for every forest, mountain, lake, sea, even desert. If people don’t see it, they don’t love it. If they don’t love it, they won’t save it.

The only reason Yellowstone isn’t one big cattle ranch is because people fell in love with it. The only reason Yosemite isn’t a condo development - same thing. Picture Arches as a big industrial mine, Ranier as a ski resort, the Everglades as one big marina.

We haven’t saved nearly enough beautiful places, but without outdoor recreation, we wouldn’t have any.


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