A YouTube channel of Japanese restaurant videos

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Oh no, this a real rabbit hole* for me to fall down. I find these kinds of cooking videos to be both fascinating and soothing. I swear I lost a week to Korean street food cooking videos…

*Or maybe I should say “soba hole”?
(No, no I shouldn’t.)


There is a saying among Japanese craftspeople: “Technique cannot be learned. It must be stolen.” Until you can watch this cook work, and laugh out loud at the refinement of his technique, you know nothing.

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Similar but different, Solo Travel Japan produces videos of him riding public transport and visiting different cities in Japan, I think in an effort to acclimate and entice US tourists. You never see his face, and there are no voice-overs; he communicates with subtitles only. He’s very enthusiastic about ferries. He somehow manages to make Japan seem mostly deserted. There are rarely other people in any of his videos. He is also very enthusiastic about food. To the point where the premise of some of his video travels is just to eat some regional specialty. Eight hours on an overnight ferry so he can eat apple pie. His other channel, Solo Travel Japan / Food Tour focuses just on eating (in first-person video mode).

He must be doing something right because he has 250k subscribers on his main channel and has spawned a small set of imitators.

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