Take a lurid look at LA noir

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Agreed, “The Killing” is amazingly good - saw it for the first time recently and it may just be my fave Kubrick now (that or Strangelove, anyway).


My favorite: Stanley Kubrick’s 1956 “The Killing” with Sterling Hayden as the hapless ex-con who masterminds a tricky racetrack heist. The flashbacks and time jumps from multiple criminal characters’ POV was decades before “Pulp Fiction.”

I have this movie on DVD! I got it because I heard it inspired Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, though it turns out it was what Pulp Fiction was inspired from.

Still feels kinda gross to sell a collection of actual violent crime scene photos as a form of popular entertainment. I still read the occasional Raymond Chandler novel but this feels more like snuff porn.


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