Made to Kill: 1960s killer-robot noir detective novel

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It says it’s part of the “LA Trilogy” in the title but nowhere does it say what that is. Are there more coming? Or has he written other stories in this world?

I bought it anyway, but still … Amazon should do a better job giving all the info you can find in a book store on the book itself.

Ada and Ray banter in a way that’s beautifully Nick and Nora, and his murderous adventures around a Los Angeles haunted by its robot pogroms and its fear of Soviet double-agents are so cheerfully bloody and immoral that they conjure up an alternative universe whose most salient fact isn’t robots, but rather, the absence of the loathsome Hays Code, which neutered film for decades.

Sounds a little like John Sladek’s “Tik-Tok”. (A rather loathsome little yarn, that, but definitely memorable. I guess it was supposed to be satire.)

Come to think of it, it also sounds similar to what I know of Scud: The Disposable Assassin, but I never got around to reading that. I hear it’s good?

Obligatory driving-instructor reference.

Ooooh! I’ve been looking for more stuff like this, since Penny Arcade can’t really seem to commit on their “Automata” side project, with only dribs and drabs since 2009 (though their kickstarter for the live action series was pretty successful earlier this year, so I have that to look forward to whenever it gets finished)

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