Take part in the clean energy movement with Arcadia

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/03/29/take-part-in-the-clean-energy.html

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Why are you guys taking part in these scammy scams?

So does The Power Station represent the dirty energy movement?


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Is it a scammy scam? I mean, granted, I see their ads everywhere and I’m skeptical. But do they burn orphans for fuel or something?

Nope. Not a scam. According to their website: “Our platform integrates with your utility to monitor how much energy you use and match it with renewable energy certificates (RECs). Wind RECs are the nationwide standard for tracking how much clean energy makes it onto the power grid. Each one increases demand and moves the market closer to 100% clean energy.”
We’re on the completely renewable plan so we pay about an extra $5 a month. Joining the half renewable plan is free.

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