Arcadia brings more clean energy to your home — and it may actually lower your bill

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Heh, I live in Washington. All my energy is cheap, practically limitless clean energy.

Also, this sounds 100% like a pointless scam.

This is a scam. Stop promoting scam businesses, Boing Boing. Everybody needs money, but you devalue your brand with paid posts like this.

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A selection of Better Business Bureau complaints regarding Arcadia:

A few years back I looked into switching to Arcadia. I got a reply that it wasn’t available in my area yet, but they offered to let me pay each month anyway to help support them and show I was committed to helping bring clean energy to my area.

Full disclosure, I’m relating that from memory since I didn’t hold on to the reply email I received from them, but the gist was I would continue to pay my regular utility bill, and I would pay Arcadia each month as well.

What a deal.

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