Talking about Ron Howard's Haunted Mansion album with the Comedy on Vinyl podcast

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I recall the album being a full LP, not one of those little LPs. My friend had the full album. I had an abridged version that fit on one side of an LP and the flip side was the soundtrack from a Donald Duck cartoon called “Trick or Treat.” I still have it somewhere, but it’s cracked way beyond playability. The inner sleeve could be clipped out to make Halloween masks. One side was Witch Hazel, but I don’t remember who the other mask was.

Ron Howard’s character’s date was played by Robbie Benson, who also did the voice of Jessica/Mrs. Claus in the Rankin Bass Santa Claus is Coming To Town animated special.

Forget Ron Howard, this is narrated by the inimitable Thurl Ravenscroft.

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