Tandy-brand computer products are back


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Any word on the leather wear?


“Kompressor sound is hard and angry, good words used for song and electronic.”


What is it with leather companies and technology?


Actually they work quite well as long as you’re running TRS DOS.


“By 1990/1991, Tandy had grown to be the worlds biggest manufacturer of personal computers,” according to http://nemesis.lonestar.org/tandy/radio_shack_farewell.html .

The author (Frank Durda IV, one-time Tandy Senior Project Software Engineer) had some nice bits on comp.sys.tandy about the Tandy VIS, which put a pretty huge dent in the line at the end of 1992.


Really is a shame those products suck. I kinda like the look of that mouse.


Ready for a CoCo 4!



I hardly know her!


…but is it 100% keyboard compatible?


The important thing is this; don’t call it a comeback, RadioShack never left.


Not so much leather wear but leatherworking tools…Think awls, dyes, and punches for tooling* leather.

  • impressing patterns into wet, vegetable tanned leather which remain after it dries.



Was anything ever marketed as 90% Compatible? I remember a few ads that used plenty of weasel words to imply that everything from Big Blue would work but reality was different


KOMPRESSSOR! oh man - any alter audio kids running around here? AllYourBetas!


When you plug in the WiFi, it autolaunches TRSDOS, right?

Also, I just learned that the reason the Model 1 was so short lived is that it caused radio interference. That’s right. Radio Shack ==> Radio Interference.

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